Business Start Up

Setting up a new business is an exciting time. Berry & Lamberts Solicitors are here to help you get off to a flying start and avoid all the potential pitfalls.  We are able to provide advice and assistance in the following areas:

Partnership Agreements

This governs the relationship between partners for example in relation to sharing profits and what happens when a partner retires. In the absence of a written agreement the partnership would be automatically dissolved upon the retirement of a partner. Such agreements are therefore essential to ensure that a business can continue to run smoothly.

Articles and Memorandum of Associations

In the event that you decide to trade as a limited company we are able to prepare the documents which set out the functions of the company and the duties of directors. Particular care needs to be taken in these matters as they will govern how the company develops in the future

Shareholder’s Agreements

A shareholder’s agreement is a vital document which governs the relationship between the owners of the business. A well drafted shareholder’s agreement will ensure that your business relationship will run smoothly in the future

Trading Terms and Conditions

Whether you are a web based company, a manufacturer or a seller of goods and services, you will need terms and conditions properly drafted to regulate your dealings with third parties. We can provide these terms and conditions so that you can feel confident that you have protection when dealing with other businesses or consumers

Acquisition of Business Premises

Whether you intend to purchase or rent the premises where you operate from our commercial property team will be able to negotiate terms of purchase or occupation and ensure that the transaction proceeds in a smooth and efficient manner.


Directors of small businesses often make loans to their company. The provision of a debenture will ensure as far as possible that such loans or other such sums due are fully protected.

Business start-ups

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You can download our business start up information sheet below.

Business start-ups