Criminal Litigation

The Berry & Lamberts Solicitors Criminal Litigation Department is very experienced in the full range of Criminal Defence work including murder and other homicide matters, terrorism, rape and other serious sexual offences, fraud, money laundering and drug supply, manufacture or importation.

We have extensive experience of the complexities of the motoring legislation including Drink Drive, the totting up procedure and avoiding endorsement or disqualification on the basis of special reasons or exceptional hardship.

We can help you with prosecutions by Trading Standards, Health and Safety and other Government agencies.

We are a contract holder with the Legal Services Commission so we are able to provide free legal advice in appropriate cases.  In addition we are one of the few firms in Kent with a specialised Very High Costs Case Contract which enables us to deal with more substantial matters.  If you do not qualify for Public Funding (“Legal Aid”) we can offer representation on a private funding basis at very competitive rates.

Our team have extensive experience in dealing with investigations in the police station, applications and prosecutions in the Magistrates courts and the Crown Courts and beyond.  The Partners in the department both hold Higher Court Advocacy Rights which enable them to personally represent clients in the Crown Court and Court of Appeal.

The team is based near the Courts at our Tonbridge and Maidstone offices. We are also able to meet with you at our Tunbridge Wells office.

We are able to attend the police station at any time and can be contacted during office hours on the usual numbers or out of hours on 07 528 270 096