Dispute resolutionDispute Resolution – Business

Many businesses find themselves embroiled in disputes of one kind or another. We take a realistic and practical approach to such disputes and always try to resolve matters without the need for court proceedings.  If proceedings become necessary we can provide expert support to see your case through to completion.

We also provide a Fixed Cost Debt Recovery Scheme. Please click here for further details – Fixed Cost Debt Recovery

Amongst other things we deal with:

Contractual Disputes

Ranging from disputes over the supply of goods and services, claims of misrepresentation to insurance contract disputes, our team is ready to assist whether you are a contracting party, guarantor or a third party affected by a contract.

Property Disputes

We have extensive experience in dealing with disputes relating to construction of buildings, boundaries and claims for adverse possession. Whether the property in question is your home or business, we can help protect your investment.

Professional Negligence

Unfortunately there are times when the professionals you rely upon let you down. We can advise on how to quickly recover any loss suffered in such circumstances be it against a solicitor, surveyor, an accountant or other professional.

Business Disputes

Unfortunately business relationships break down and this can lead to dispute. Whether you are in dispute with your partners or with you co-directors we can assist in helping resolve the dispute either by negotiation or by court action if necessary.

Personal Injury

It is unfortunately the case that you can be liable for accidents which occur to your employees or others whilst at work. We have a specialist team ready to assist in resolving such disputes and assisting you through any court action necessary.

Landlord and Tenant

We are able to assist in relation to possession action, disrepair issues, service charge disputes, recovery of rent arrears and negotiations regarding rent reviews.