Employment Services for the Individual

Berry & Lamberts Solicitors have an excellent reputation in the employment field. Unfortunately disputes arise in the employment relationship but we are able to assist in trying to resolve such disputes:

Contracts of Employment

Every employee is entitled to a statement of terms of employment. There are penalties if these are not provided. Further it is important that contracts are provided as these govern the relationship between employer and employee and will ensure that the relationship runs as smoothly as possible. We can also advise in varying contracts of employment.

Redundancy/Settlement Agreements

In the event that you are threatened with redundancy we can advise as to your entitlement to redundancy and notice pay and are available at short notice to assist with compromise agreements.

Dismissal, Disciplinary and Grievance Procedures

In the event that you are facing disciplinary action it is important that you receive advice at the earliest opportunity so you can answer any allegations against you. We can tell you whether your employer is following a correct procedure and assist you during this process. It may be the case that you are entitled to claim unfair dismissal if there is a breach of procedure. If you have a complaint at work then this must be dealt with through the correct grievance procedure.


An employer can be held responsible for acts of prohibited discrimination on grounds of Sex, Race, Disability, Age, Sexual Orientation and Religion and Belief. If you feel that you have suffered a detriment which is due to one of these factors then you may be able to claim against your Employer or any potential Employer for any loss suffered, including injury to feelings. We are able to assist in advising on the best way to bring such a claim to secure maximum compensation.

Representation at Employment Tribunals

In the unfortunate event that you are dismissed, discriminated against, or have any other complaint against your employer Berry & Lamberts Solicitors will be able to advise you how best to bring such a claim and achieve a successful outcome including negotiated settlements, mediation or representation in an Employment tribunal.