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Berry & Lamberts Solicitors have an excellent reputation in the employment field. We recognise that the workforce is often key to a business’s success and therefore it is important that your relationship with that workforce is managed successfully.

We provide a Fixed Cost Employment Advice scheme for Employers. Please click here for details – EmployRight

We are able to assist with:

Contracts of Employment

Every employee is entitled to a statement of terms of employment. There are penalties if this is not provided. Further it is important that contracts are provided as these govern the relationship between employer and employee and should ensure that the relationship runs as smoothly as possible. We can also advise about varying contracts of employment.

Workforce Restructure or Redundancy

The needs of a business change continually. This may require a change in the number and/or the responsibilities of employees. We can assist you make such changes in the right way and prepare settlement agreements if needed. We are also able to advise in relation to business transfers and your obligations to employees in such circumstances.

Disciplinary and Grievance Procedures

In the event that you have to take disciplinary action against an employee it is important that you follow the correct procedure. Failure to do so could result in a finding of unfair dismissal and/or an increase in the damages that the employee is entitled to. Further if an employee raises a grievance, it is important that this is dealt with through the correct procedure to avoid similar consequences. We are able to help you through these procedures.

Advice on Equal Opportunities

An employer can be held responsible for acts of prohibited discrimination on grounds of Sex, Race, Disability, Age, Sexual Orientation and Religion and Belief. Further an employer can be held liable for such acts carried out by an employee. It is therefore important that you implement a robust Equal Opportunities policy through training to prevent such discrimination and are able to deal with any such complaints made. Claims for unlawful discrimination can be expensive to defend; there is no limit to damages. We can assist you in averting such consequences.

Representation at Employment Tribunals

In the unfortunate event that an employee makes a claim against you for Unfair Dismissal, Unlawful Discrimination or for any other reason Berry & Lamberts Solicitors will be able to advise you as to the best way to defend such a claim and achieve a successful outcome including negotiated settlements, mediation, or defence in an Employment tribunal.