Housing Management

Berry & Lamberts Solicitors housing litigation department have a wealth of experience in assisting social landlords dealing with their housing management functions. We understand the difficulties that social landlords have in dealing with claims against legally aided clients. In order to assist we offer fixed rates wherever possible so that managers can plan budgets accordingly. We have experience in the following cases:

Possession Claims

We have assisted social landlords in bringing claims for possession on the basis of rent arrears, nuisance, notices to quit and pursuant to demotion orders. Additionally we have assisted in evicting trespassers from Housing Association properties.

Antisocial Behaviour

Through extensive experience we have become specialists in Anti-Social Behaviour cases. We recognise that a large part of a landlord’s problem is managing expectations and offering support and encouragement to those suffering antisocial behaviour. We have obtained possession orders, antisocial behaviour injunctions and demotion orders on behalf of our social landlord clients. We have dealt with committal proceedings against tenants in breach of antisocial behaviour injunctions.

Disrepair Cases

We assist social landlords in dealing with defence of claims for repair. We provide early advice on potential exposure whilst ensuring that claims with no merit are vigorously defended. We can advise Associations and Local Authorities in relation to their duties under s.11 of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1985 and other statutory provisions. We are also able to obtain access injunctions at a fixed price so that you are able to ensure your housing stock is protected.


We are able to provide training to housing managers and team leaders on all aspects of housing law. We are able to cater to all needs in this respect and are quite happy to focus training on particular topics requested by our clients.

General Housing Management

We advise on issues relating to tenancy succession and to tenants with disabilities and have obtained injunctions to remove vehicles illegally parked on our clients’ land.

Housing management

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You can download our ‘Obtaining possession of your property’ information sheet below.

Housing management