Landlord Services

The Landlord and Tenant department at Berry & Lamberts Solicitors has excellent reputation acting for Housing Associations and Private Landlords.

We provide a Fixed Cost service to Landlords who are seeking possession of their property. Please click here for further details – Fixed Cost Possession Scheme

We are able to assist in the following areas:

Tenancy Agreements

It is vitally important that tenancy agreements are put in place to record the agreement between the parties at the start of the relationship so that each party is aware of their rights and obligations.

Collection of Rent Arrears

Whether this is by way of negotiation, action for breach of contract or possession proceedings we ensure that a landlord’s income stream is protected.


We are able to assist you in obtaining access to your property in order to carry out essential repair work. Further we are able to assist in resolving disputes about who is to carry out repair work to the property. We are aware that you wish to protect your investment.

Antisocial Behaviour

We have extensive experience in dealing with anti-social tenants by way of Antisocial Behaviour Injunctions, Demotion Orders and Possession Proceedings. Whether the behaviour is noise nuisance, drink or drug related or involves threats of violence we are able to take measures at a moments notice to protect your investment.

Possession Proceedings

In the event that you require possession of your property we are able to assist by seeking possession under the Accelerated possession procedure, or by relying on breaches of the tenancy agreement such as non payment of rent or antisocial behaviour.

Landlord services

More information

You can download our dealing with rent arrears information sheet below.

dealing with rent arrears

You can download our maintaining your rental property information sheet below.

Landlord services

You can download our making a success of your rental property information sheet below.

Landlord services