Personal Injury

Berry & Lamberts Solicitors have a team of specialist personal injury lawyers who have many years experience of helping victims of accidents recover the maximum amount of compensation in the shortest possible time. We are able to offer “no win no fee” arrangements in appropriate cases and can advise on obtaining after the event insurance to cover legal costs.

Accidents at Work

If you receive an injury whilst at work, you should always consult a solicitor to see if you can bring a claim for compensation. In order to get compensation you will have to show that your employer has failed in some way to provide safe materials or safe conditions at work. Due to the complexity of the law in these areas you will need specialist advice on these issues.

Road Traffic Accidents

We help may people who have had accidents in the street involving vehicles, pedestrians and passengers. Injuries can range from being “shaken up” to very serious injuries and death. Pedestrians and passengers will nearly always recover compensations, because they can show that one (or more) of the vehicle drivers caused the accident. Drivers will be able to obtain compensation if they can show that someone else is in some degree to blame.

Tripping Accidents

If you are injured because you trip over a defective pavement or other obstacle you may be entitled to compensation. It is important that you take a photo of the defect as soon as possible and get the names of any witnesses.

Public Liability

If you suffer injury as a result of Food Poisoning, allergic reactions, or due to defective products we can assist in obtaining compensation.

Medical Negligence

In the unfortunate event that you receive incorrect diagnosis, treatment or prescription we are able to assist in making a claim against the professionals who have caused your loss.