Property Litigation Services

At Berry & Lamberts Solicitors we have a team dedicated to help resolving disputes affecting your property be it residential or commercial.

Boundary Disputes

Our team is able to assist in resolving disputes relating to boundaries. We have been able to resolve many such disputes without recourse to Courts. However, in the event that such action is unavoidable, we able to assist in bringing or defending such proceedings in a cost effective and efficient manner.

Party Wall Act Disputes

When neighbours intend to carry out development to or near an adjoining wall between your respective properties they have duties to inform you and have an expert to report on what steps they must take to protect your property. We can assist in ensuring that such procedures are followed and advice as to remedies in the event that they are not.

Rights of Way

You may have a right of way over a neighbouring piece of land or another person may have such a right over your land. We can advise on how to register such rights and how to take steps to stop interference with such rights.

Planning Disputes

We are able to advise on the best way to object to planning applications which may affect your property. We have provided advice in the past to local resident groups affected by planning issues as well as individuals.

Restrictive Covenants

These are rights of others which affect your land. We can advise on the extent of such covenants and resolves disputes over such.


More information

You can download our Property litigation information sheet below.

Property litigation