Tenant Services

The Landlord and Tenant department at Berry & Lamberts Solicitors has an excellent reputation acting for tenants of private landlords or housing associations. We are able to assist in the following areas:

Rent Arrears

If you fall into arrears we can help negotiate with your landlord to allow you to remain in the property. We can also provide advice as to how to maximise you income so that meeting your arrears is not a struggle.


We are able to assist in resolving disputes about who is to carry out repair work to the property. In the event that your landlord is not carrying out repairs to the property you may have to take court action in order to make your landlord carry out the repairs.

Antisocial Behaviour

We have extensive experience in assisting people faced with allegations of anti-social behaviour. If proceedings are brought by way of Antisocial Behaviour Injunctions, Demotion Orders or Possession Proceedings we are able to assist in negotiating and defending such proceedings so that you can retain your home.

Possession Proceedings

In the event that possession proceedings are issued against you we are able to assist by defending such proceedings or advising as to your rights to further accommodation if you are made homeless.

Homelessness Appeals

In the event that you are homeless and the Council refuses to assist you in providing or assisting you in finding accommodation we can advise on your right to appeal any such decision to the County Court.