Private Client Department

At Berry & Lamberts Solicitors, the lawyers in our Private Client Department have many years experience in preparing wills and in administering estates of all sizes and complexities. We are able to assist in the following areas

Preparing a Will

Our experienced team will be able to advise in ensuring that your money, property and other assets are distributed in accordance with your wishes. You should also consider making provision for the care of any minor children in your will. Our team can advise in relation to trust funds and the appointment of guardians. We have extensive experience in advising clients as to the most tax efficient way to leave money and property under your will or through trusts in your lifetime.

Probate and Administration

We are able to advise Executors and Administrators on the procedure to follow to obtain Grants of Probate or Letters of Administration. Alternatively we are more than happy to take on the complete administration of the estate, relieving you of the difficulty and enabling you to fulfil the deceased’s wishes with the minimum of difficulty.

Powers of Attorney

We are able to prepare General or Lasting Powers of Attorney in order that another person may deal with your affairs in the event that you are going away and require legal matters dealt with or in the event that you are unable to manage your affairs due to infirmity or mental incapacity.


In the event that a relative dies without leaving a will we are able to apply for Letters of administration and assist in dealing with the administration of an estate. In circumstances where a person has died we are able to assist in locating potential beneficiaries and relatives who may be eligible to administer the estate.

Trusts and Insurance

The use of trusts in Your Will or in your lifetime can save Inheritance Tax, particularly in conjunction with insurance policies. These can help to ensure so far as possible that your assets are maintained for your family. Our Tax Planning Service can provide detailed advise in the case of more complicated estates.

Registering your will

If your Will is deemed lost or indeed never written, your loved ones and beneficiaries are exposed to potential financial loss and obviously additional stress. It is a fact that the majority of people (67% in a recent survey) would not know where to locate their parents’ Wills. The passage of time, house moves, and new relationships are all contributing factors to this statistic.

We hold your Will safely, but we can digitally record its location on the Wills register so that beneficiaries can always find it when the time comes. Simply call, write or click on the ‘Contact us’ option to request that we register your Will today!

If your Will was written with us prior to 1st January 2010, registration is FREE! After this date there may be a small registration charge.